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To This Stranger
To this stranger that I share a bed with, that I wrap my arms around whispering goodnight to. To this stranger that I used to hold their hands to, now swing at my sides empty. Now we walk separate, longing for more space yet to be closer than ever before. I don't know them anymore. I don't know those hands, that voice, their lips are foreign. At what point should we let go? When should we move on? In which state do we let this old love perish before we completely forget who the other had been? Are you just a memory? 
I'd wish to stand by, ghosting my finger tips on your waist, my lips against your eat trying to bring you in. I know how you desire the fixing more than the let go. The solution more than the broken. Where are we? How can we get back or move on when we're stuck on grounds of porcelain roads? How can my trust regain composer when the betrayal is still leading? How does the flame lead us, when it can barely ignite? To rest on these lands for good, stuck in an endless cy
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 0
Love vs Addiction
I'm on a hard spot in my life, standing on the edge debating how soon I should walk and how long it'll take to fall. Yet, I'm already falling somewhere. My mind is too full of whirling thoughts that spiral out of control. And while my feet struggle to keep from tripping, I can't keep my lover safe from my own small shit. It's nothing more than a dangerous mess and his hands are too far away, scared that I'll hurt the pale skin that's webbed there. I'm a walking rubbish bin of abuse. He takes it anyway. He'll apologise to my antics. He'll sugarcoat my behaviour. But I know he's on the edge too, he's debating whether to walk away or stay and save me while I am ten seconds away from drowning in the medications meant to keep me at bay. There's a bridge somewhere, where I can walk over and stop all of this, or remain where I am where I can feel the chill rushing up my spine letting the wind push me more over. There's not enough words to say, and all these feelings no longer exist to me. Fee
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 3 1
Mature content
Get Even :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 0
Happy Birthday dA by ImmortalAChaos Happy Birthday dA :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 4 Heidelberg Castle - Germany by ImmortalAChaos Heidelberg Castle - Germany :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 5 2 Wonderful View - Swiss Alps by ImmortalAChaos Wonderful View - Swiss Alps :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 3 1 Swiss Alps by ImmortalAChaos Swiss Alps :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 6 3
The tragic people with no faces, no voice, and no name yell out the threats for unknown battles. The words from no one in particular haunt my ears, loud cries of suffering propelling me into a never ending hole into the abyss as my soul fights to stand upright in the raining tunnel of limbo. A scene on rotation, travelling from one pole to another, swapping from good to bad in fast motion causing the scenery to blend together unevenly providing no shelter for what is to come. No colour in the spacious room, nothing but greyscale and dark tones with a singular window crooked upon the white walls as the moon and sun combine into one entity and cold fog disguising the eery glow of time. The doors locked and bolted, cracked broken handles rusting labelling with no escape. A worn white flag stained red lying on the old oak floor, defeated. The room is tainted by poisoned air from dark secrets buried within pale flesh as a clock shattered yet hands still spinning in timeless r
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 0
I guess it's fine,
That she stands on the scale, 
Wishing the numbers went down in 10s, 
Holding her phone close to her heart, 
Letting the water crash on the tiles,
Of her bathroom as she focuses on,
Her social media feed of the photos, 
Of Instagram models wishing her,
Face and body looked just as perfect,
That she had more followers,
That the boy she liked would,
Finally notice her efforts,
But this isn't a game,
You aren't defined by numbers,
Your heart is more beautiful,
Than the beauty surrounding you,
But your mind is tainted black, 
With all these standards, 
That don't define you. 
She's too focused on, 
The mirrors hanging around, 
That she can't enjoy the lovely day, 
She can't enjoy the presence of, 
Another person without feeling,
Self conscious of the makeup, 
On her face that makes her confident, 
That her natural beauty can't compare, 
To the models on TV flaunting their bodies, 
But she doesn't
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 6
Last years sadness, 
Bring on the new years happiness, 
I'm still sad but less depressed, 
My scars are faded,
My addictions clean, 
Gotten better but got lost, 
Moved on and lost hold of the past, 
Yet something happens and I'm drifting again, 
Bad moods and friends lost,
Where has my control gone? 
I miss her and I miss him, 
The holes I've climbed out of,
And the mountains I climbed past, 
All led me back to the beginning of the circle, 
So where must I stand, 
To gain what I've lost, 
To get in a better state, 
I've gotten better now, 
Better than I was, 
He saved me from what I threw away,
He taught me the lessons I needed,
He heard my voice and I heard his, 
But now we stand on troubling ground, 
Why must I fuck up again and again? 
My thoughts are calmer, 
My mind is less dark, 
My hands less violent, 
And my heart less guarded, 
My words more opened, 
But the
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 1 1
*Immaturity Intensifies* by ImmortalAChaos *Immaturity Intensifies* :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 4 4 My Toy by ImmortalAChaos My Toy :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 3 5
Hello and Goodbye, Help Me Out
Some Hello to him,
Same Goodbye to her,
Some Game for him,
Same Cuts for them.
I say Hello to you,
Same reason they say it too,
And only if he knew,
That it cut right through.
I say Goodbye to her,
The drugs they’d reoccur,
All she could do was blur,
Out herself in liqueur.
I say Game to him,
But family seems grim,
And he prefers to swim,
In his darken grey film.
So see me Reaper,
The hills have gotten steeper,
And I’m only getting deeper,
And I’m now a lot weaker.
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 2 0
Painful Love
    Witness me like this. You haven’t seen enough yet. Take away my demons before I make your heart stop beating. You’ll never have to wait for me after you say hello. Stitch up my pieces just so you can break them apart again. The pain is like a sin. Let me suck out your life and breathe in your soul. I’ll put a mark on you, you’ll make a deal. Keep a promise, keep those lies. I have a feeling you’re a fake but I still crave you. So don’t wait for me. I’ll feed you my pain. I’ll tear you in two. You’ll look me right in the eyes and see the true me. You’ll see my past, my present, and my tomorrow. Only darkness drips from my tongue. You can’t hold my hand. You can’t get close. You’ll let me in. You’ll drink the poison from my lips. I’ll make you feel what I feel inside. It’ll be your biggest regret and your greatest mistake. You will find my failures. My red eyes seek revenge,
:iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 3 5
Please Stay, With Me by ImmortalAChaos Please Stay, With Me :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 9 20 Kakashi Hatake by ImmortalAChaos Kakashi Hatake :iconimmortalachaos:ImmortalAChaos 3 25



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