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I'm sorry brothers,
So sorry lover,
Forgive me father,
I love you mother.

Can you hear the silence? 
Can you feel her presence? 

I'll wait for her to return,
Or I'll join her down bellow.
Why not live in happiness? 
I fucking love the pain!

The sins turn into ash,
I couldn't forget the crash.
I wish you could see me now,
Living in misery and self torturing. 

The pills no longer work,
My mind's finally stopped.
I'm still sane, not crazy yet.
I like to think you've helped me. 

I don't try to hide them.
The cuts from a blade. 
I don't fight it anymore,
You left and now I'm hopeless. 

I was never good with goodbyes. 

Tried to kill myself, 
Funny how I'm still around. 
Life hasn't been good to me,
And I've only been missing you. 

I still think of you. 

When it's time,
I'll tell them I'm with you,
And I'll call your name,
Just as I take the final breath. 

Then I could die with you. 

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August 1, 2014
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